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Mounted on a Hook Lift body with removable roof - 16' overall  length -
package price...$39,500

COPMA 44Z2 loader

(lifts 1,200 lbs. @ 22') joy stick controls and 53" grapple...$24,500

COPMA 44Z2 with 53" grapple sold separately.... $24,500

COPMA 140.5

This 2005 International 4400 was customized for a customer with a 
COPMA 140.5 with radio remote control, winch, grapple and bucket
( approx. 70' working height).  CALL for details and specs!  (276) 629-4400

Let us know if we can help you with selecting the best crane for your needs!

Virginia Used Vehicle Dealer

Models range from 3 ton capacity to 20 ton.View the wide range of cranes at:  www.copma-cranes.com Ask about adding a grapple with upright or topseat controls.

COPMA 80.2 

Top seat controls, includes 50" continuous rotation grappleFolds behind cab, suitable for non-CDL truckLifts 7,400 lbs. @6'Lifts 2,300 lbs. @22'Package price $24,900(not including installation)
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